FOUND POETRY Challenge for National Poetry Month

Found Poetry (or blackout poetry) is often written or created from previously published work. It is composed by using existing words on a page, such as newspapers, magazines, or books. In order to create a found poem, the writer tries to find a string of words, phrases, sentences, or passages, often by excluding words on that page that aren’t necessary for the author’s composition.  The excluded words are crossed out using a Sharpie, or any pen with dark ink. Pastel or crayons can be used, too. Techniques and methods of blocking vary.  In addition to this (though not necessary), the writer may create an image related to the subject discussed in the poem; the image can be abstract or realistic.

We have provided some samples of found poetry in a red-folder, at the Reference Desk. On the other hand, the internet is rich with information on found poetry.


We invite TEENS & YOUNG ADULTS to participate. We’ve provided some pages for you to compose your poetry, at the reference desk. But you certainly can get pages on your own. You can photocopy a page of a book or magazine; or use original pages from a newspaper, book, or magazine from recycling bins. But please do NOT tear out library book-pages for this project. Your poem can be on any subject. Once you’ve ‘found’ your poem and created an image, we will paste or mount the page on card-stock board or any sturdy board.  Submissions will be reviewed by staff; and in April, we hope to choose work appropriate for a library setting to display for NATIONAL POETRY MONTH. You can submit up to 5 found-poetry projects. Now while this challenge is not a contest, we hope to showcase your work in the Porter Ranch Branch Library, & the LAPL Teen Blog.


On another sheet of paper, please provide this information with your submission: Title of work, first name & last name of creator (or just initials), age, school, email address, & phone number. Tape this sheet behind the board, then submit your work at the Reference Desk, in the Porter Ranch Branch Library, by 5:30pm on March 25th, 2017. We look forward to reading your work. Thank You! (Updated: 2.17.2017)